Gospel is THE power

THE power

  • “THE” means definite article
  • ONLY power, NO OTHER power
  • Power in Greek means Dunamis, from which the word “Dynamite” comes from

Redemption and Provision

  • THE power to redeem us from sickness
  • THE power to redeem us from poverty
  • THE power to redeem us from lack
  • THE power to give us health
  • THE power to give us wealth
  • THE power to make us prosperous
  • Gospel is THE power, which reveals the Righteousness of God as a gift unto us.
  • It does not reveal the sinfulness of man revealed.
  • Biggest problem in the Church is the sin consciousness

By Praison

I am Praison, author at Bible Revelation. I am doing a research on Bible. All my posts are my own expressions of my understandings about bible, talking to myself.

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