God initiates

God Initiates

  • God initiates
  • God leads
  • God does not play catchup
  • The devil play catchup
  • The solution was introduced before the problem
  • When God releases new anointing of health, the devil counter reacts and create new viruses.
  • When we see a new virus, that means God has already poured out a new anointing of healing.

Example from Bible

When Jesus was born

  • When baby Jesus was born, in Bethlehem
    • The Champion saviour was born
    • The dragon slayer
    • The promise seed of Abraham
  • Very less people knew it

When devil knew that Jesus was born

  • When the devil realize that the Champion Baby was born, He instigated king Herod to kill all babies in Bethlehem
  • When death was carried out in the city of Bethlehem, everyone was crying, weeping, Rachel weeping for her children. Everyone was conscious of the death. It was conspicuous.
  • But the news never covered that the Champion Baby was born.

How to know what God is doing

  • If you cannot tell what God is doing, see what the devil is doing , reverse it, you know what God is doing
  • If your body has been attached, that means God has released a new anointing of health.
  • Devil will try to give more lying symptoms that you will not believe healing

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