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David and Solomon a type of Christ

David and Solomon a type of Christ

David is a type of Christ when Jesus Christ was on earth

  • David killed Goliath
  • Jesus defeated satan


  • David was rejected by his brethren
  • Then David went back to His father
  • So now, we are still on the days of Davids wanderings
  • Jesus was rejected by Jews
  • Jesus went back to His Father


  • David was hidden from Israel even though He is the rightful king
  • “Bring forth the kings sons”
  • Judah welcomed David back
  • Jesus was waiting for His coronation
  • Finally Israel will welcome Jesus.
  • “I am also a Jew”


  • Davids rules was rejected king, He was rejected by His own
  • Thats the time we are in. For 2000 years the Greatest Son of David ( Jesus ) was rejected
  • All those who identified with Him in His rejection, All those who come to Him in this time, All those adulum cave with Him,
  • Because you were with me, you will be my mighty men
  • when i rule, you will rule with me
  • There will be a time when the mighty men will no longer running and wondering. They will be ruling from the palace. So that time is coming

Solomon is a type of Christ after He returns

  • The millennium begins
  • The Golden era of Israel was Solomons rule