Blessings of Melchizedek Priesthood

High PriestProphet
For the peopleTo the people
For the people, to GodFor God, to the people
People are blessed based on the High PriestPeople are blessed based on their own behavior
Providing to people what they lackCondemning people if they lack in anything
When the High Priest goes inside and comes out of the most holy place, people are blessed. Jesus went inside and came out the third day, so we are blessed.
Chosen from among the people so that they know the feelings of the people. Example: AaronChosen without any requirement. Example: Moses
Melchizedek PriesthoodAaron Priesthood
Jesus from the order of Melchizedek
Hebrew 7:11
Order of Aaron
Hebrew 7:11
Hebrew 7:14
Hebrew 7:11
Hebrew 7:12
Priest forever
Hebrew 7:17
Temporary Priest
Melchizedek is Jesus the Son of God
No Mother, No Father, No beginning, No end
Hebrews 7:3
Has Father and Mother. Has beginning and end
Blessings foreverTemporary Blessings
Creates Perfection in people
Hebrew 7:11
Imperfection in People
Hebrew 7:11
Blessings Only
Genesis 14:19
Curse also
Irrevokable blessings
Hebrew 7:21
Revocable blessings
Hebrew 7:20
With any oath
Hebrew 7:21
Without any oath
Hebrew 7:20
New Covenant (Better Covenant)
Hebrew 7:22
Old Covenant
Hebrew 7:22
Melchizedek means King of Righteousness
Provides Righteousness as a gift
Hebrew 7:1
Provides Righteousness as a reward
King of Salem
Provides Shalom (Peace)
Doesn’t provide Peace
El Elyown
Ruler of heaven and the earth
Hebrew 7:1, Matthew 16:19
No ruling
Eating solid food
Hebrews 5:12
Drinking milk

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