Difference between God and Lord

  • God : The Creator : Elohim
  • Lord : The God of grace, God of relationship, Covenant Keeping God : Yhvh : Yahweh
  • In the Book of Ecclesiastics , its full of God
  • That’s vanity of vanities 37 times
  • Under the sun : 28 times
  • Upon the earth : 7 times
  • Under the heaven : 3 times
  • The earth and the things of the earth : 40 times
  • In that book, Solomon didn’t think above the sun. That’s the problem

“Heavenly minded to be earthly good”

Only if you have Peace, Joy, Prosperous, then only you would be able to help the one who is without peace, Joy and Prosperous.

“Think above the sun” – Great life above the sun


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