Gods Presence is all we need

Presence of Jesus

  • Presence is what makes us a success
  • We don’t need to be eloquent, we just need the Presence.


  • When you pray for a person, stop for a while
  • Worship the Lord, say few words and Know His Presence
  • When you are by a sick person, When His presence is sensed, faith is released,
  • you don’t even need to ask, the sick person will be healed

Feel His Presence

  • Jesus told that He will never leave us or forsake us.

Sense His presence anywhere

  • We can sense His presence where we are because there is no distance in the spirit.

Solomon Story

  • Solomon went to the Mount Gibeon, where Tabernacle of Moses was located
  • There was no Presence of God, because the arc of covenant was not there
  • Arc: Symbol of Gods Presence
  • Solomon gave 1000 burnt offering
  • On that night Solomon received wisdom
  • First sign of receiving wisdom, Solomon straight went to Zion and he worshiped before the arc
  • Solomon became to cherish the Presence


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